Check out my new Pregnancy Blog!

I fell in love with this photo as it captures the feeling of impending motherhood, launching into this phase of life albeit haphazardly prepared like these two children – love it!

I remember taking classes while pregnant with my first baby and glancing around the room at the other 30 somethings all in the same boat, probably very wise and accomplished in many facets of life, but still struggling putting a diaper on a toy doll 🙂  Yes that was me.  Needless to say you are brought up to speed quickly, as by day 5 you may be 60 diapers in!

Anyway, I have always had a passion for working with expectant moms in the prenatal and postnatal periods so I launched this website to share some of my professional expertise as well as some of my mom experience.

You can find it here:


Alicia Hagedorn B.Sc.P.T., M. C. Sci (Orthopaedics)


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