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It is the mandate of all healthcare practitioners to keep up to date with treatment techniques as science evolves.

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National Physiotherapy Month - May is National Physiotherapy Month! During this month the national and provincial organizations highlight the diversity of physiotherapy practice and educate the public on all the potential ways that a Registered Physiotherapist can augment your health. Some of the areas of healthcare that Physiotherapists address and that you may not be aware of include: Pelvic Health: Specially trained Physiotherapists treat various types of urinary incontinence.  For more information or to find a... Read More
Check out my new Pregnancy Blog! - I fell in love with this photo as it captures the feeling of impending motherhood, launching into this phase of life albeit haphazardly prepared like these two children – love it! I remember taking classes while pregnant with my first baby and glancing around the room at the other 30 somethings all in the same boat, probably very wise and accomplished in many facets of life, but still struggling putting a diaper... Read More
Running during Pregnancy - A client recently asked me how late into pregnancy a woman can continue to run? In the phrasing of her question she actually stated, “Doesn’t it feel like the baby is bouncing on your bladder?” wondering the ramifications of running late into pregnancy i.e. potential bladder leakage. With the birth of my daughter who was born in October 2016, I ran until the 8th month of pregnancy with the ultimate contributing factor... Read More
Dry Needling at The Rio Olympics! - Aly Raisman, the captain of the American “Fierce Five” gold medal winning team in 2012 is seeking back to back golds in Rio 2016, a feat that has never been accomplished! The reason back to back victories in gymnastics is such an unattainable feat is due to the physical demands of gymnastics.  Gymnastics requires phenomenal strength and flexibility – best attained at a young age,  however, the 22 year old Raisman is... Read More
Cardiovascular Exercise During Pregnancy - I was recently asked by one of my pregnant clients if it is detrimental to NOT exercise during pregnancy. I am well versed in the positive effects of exercise during pregnancy but was unsure if there are adverse consequences associated with non-exercising. The current guideline put forth by The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) states that active women should continue to exercise throughout pregnancy.  Inactive women or non-exercisers should... Read More
Manual Therapy Boosts the Effects of Exercise is Patients with Knee OA - In December 2015 a study was published in JOSPT (The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy) confirming that the inclusion of manual therapy to an exercise program for patients with knee osteoarthritis boosted the effects. This is not news to a manual therapist or hands on practitioner (such as Physiotherapists who have attained the FCAMPT designation, or become a specialist in manual therapy). Every joint with arthritic/degenerative change also demonstrates impairments... Read More